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We provide you with the top-notch services ranging from HVAC systems to smart BMS along with high-quality manufacturing in an affordable range.

Duct cleaning, Maintenance and Replacement

Air Care is a multi-functions subsidiary that used to be a unit under umbrella of COTE. 

Since 1999  Air Care stands to be an independent subsidiary that provides high quality installations and replacement for new and existing HVAC systems internally for COTE projects and externally for local market.

Air care potentially ranked as first choice due to the capability of it is a professional team that includes installers, fabricators, pipe fitters, and service technicians provide a superior level of mechanical knowledge.

The combining of these skills added value to Air Care to look after providing services that can help client’s in minimizing energy consumed. The success of Air Care extends to delivering services as per NADCA standard.

Air Care Features:

  • improve indoor air quality by carrying out duct cleaning
  • can replace HVAC systems Chiller, DX, VRF


We help the world’s leading companies drive predictable reverue and profitability growth by optimizing sales organization performance.
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