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Air and Water Balancing

Air and water balancing are the gateway that added competitive advantage to COG. In which it significantly contributed in awarding huge projects to COG since 1998.

Air Balancing also known as testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) which is the process of checking and regulating building environmental systems to meet design resolved and achieve optimum performance, efficiency, occupant comfort, and air quality.

 As an expert NEBB-certified TAB specialist, COG is capable to handle detailed analysis that identifies and fixes issues which is obstruct the performance of HVAC system. TAB testing is part of our energy saving services, which are designed to help in minimizing consumption of energy (lower monthly utility bills). 

Why Balance?

Maximize Equipment Efficiency

Minimize Operating Costs

Generate Energy Cost Savings

Identify Potential System Issues

Maintain Compliance

Meet Design Parameters


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